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    Study Abroad Advice

    This is awesome! Where are you studying? I went to Peru the summer after my sophomore year of college, and it was an incredible experience. I wasn’t as intentional with language retention as you are (which is probably why my Spanish has tanked), but as far as learning the language, I would...
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    The word “hygge”

    I had no idea what this word meant before clicking on this post so thank you for teaching me something new! I guess I would say my hygge is the simple sound of silence. I like the feeling of no auditory distractions. Also, that feeling you get when you crack open a new book and breathe in...
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    A Video on Anxiety & Depression

    This is great - thank you for sharing! When he started "shushing" himself, I laughed because I 100% understand that idea of "brain noise". I think those of us with anxiety have a hard time relinquishing control and coming to terms with life's uncertainties, which is why the brain noise is so...
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    Music for concentration

    I am a big fan of The Piano Guys station on Pandora when I’m trying to get in the mood to do some work. The instrumentals are just really relaxing to me, and they have a great mix of classical music and contemporary covers without distracting lyrics intermixed.
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    Becoming ESL Tutor

    Does anyone have experience teaching ESL and is willing to share their experience? Do you need to be bilingual to teach ESL? Should you have a teaching certification or other specific experience? What advice would you give to someone looking for ESL teaching opportunities?
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    Learning How to Adult

    I’ve completed my education and am happily starting a new stage of my life as a full-time working adult. I am here to learn how to effectively transition from the academic world to the working world and garner advice on some things we aren’t taught in school (ex: finances, making tough career...
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    Narcissism- partners

    I’m sorry to hear your friends are going through that. Narcissistic abuse is all too common, but there are several online resources available. Your Tango has several articles on the topic...
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    Breaking Up Post Break Up

    This is a tough one because it really does depend on the individual and the relationship. I have tried being friends with an ex, and each time it has led to more conflict and stress than I ever imagined. The greatest challenge I had was with setting and maintaining boundaries. Like you said, it...
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    Biographies that Inspire

    If you are looking for some great autobiographies/memoirs by female authors, I would recommend BossyPants by Tina Fey, Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg, and My Beloved World by Sonia Sotomayor. All three books are all a couple of years old, but I enjoyed them all. - In true Tina Fey fashion...
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    Effect of Social Media on Happinness

    This is a really good thread! I have definitely been there. For me, it was less about my image/projecting a persona online and more about feeling socially excluded. I used to see other people’s posts and feel lonely because I wasn’t invited or didn’t have any plans. I think social media can...
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    Keep Up With Current Events

    I saw a challenge a few days ago to name a country for each letter of your name (a surprisingly challenging brain teaser for some of the letters!) which reminded me that one of my goals is to be more aware of global current events. Anyone else have a similar goal? Any apps or websites that you...
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    Paying down student loans vs. saving for retirement

    I came across this article ( that discussed how to prioritize student loan payments and saving for retirement. I thought there were a few good nuggets of advice...
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    Smartphone Apps for Increased Organization

    This is going to sound very millennial of me, but I love using technology, especially smartphone apps, to organize my life and save money along the way. I currently use Wunderlist for general list-making, Hopper for vacation/flight planning, Mint for budgeting, and Shoptagr for saving on online...
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    Advice for kicking a sugar habit

    I am a food junkie so this is a TOUGH one. I think my first piece of advice would be to avoid depriving yourself. Quitting cold turkey and eliminating an entire aspect from your life is typically not sustainable... and can also make you very miserable! As for specific food-related changes you...
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    Trying to Save More, Spend Less

    Good for you for deciding to take charge of your spending! I am just starting a similar journey and am (optimistically!) aiming to be debt-free by age 30. Although I am just beginning the process of extensively tracking my spending, here are some things that have been keeping me on track: - I...