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Phil, married since 2002. Resides in Texas.
Edu: Specialized in APA Style, essay writing, MS Excel, Statistics, Photoshop, etc.
Bach: Business Mng., local college./Asoc: Business Admin: Online
Current Employment: Maint. Sup. at a local transp. co, Related skills: Safety, leadership, data entry, QAQC, environmental compliance & reporting
-Cubmaster, B.S.A. & Ret. Military w/ 3 tours to Iraq.
Add nap rooms to universities so college kids don't have to sleep beneath the stairs of the basement, in the lawn, or a library bench, not just for preschoolers with too much energy that caretakers don't want to deal with. That is all.
"If you don't like the way I rock, then finish your glass of wine."
looking forward to an entire week of time off from work! gotta make the most of it :)

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