Learning How to Adult

I’ve completed my education and am happily starting a new stage of my life as a full-time working adult. I am here to learn how to effectively transition from the academic world to the working world and garner advice on some things we aren’t taught in school (ex: finances, making tough career choices, maintaining work-life balance).


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This is such a good post and question. THere really should be a course about how to adult effectively.

Of course, adulting and goals are different from everyone. If I were to go back, here’s what I would do or tell myself:

1. Don’t rush and just take the moments as they come

2. Don’t be afraid to make the “wrong” choice as there really isn’t one

3. Be sure to keep a healthy work life balance

4. Use YouTube to teach yourself about finances and investing

5. Enjoy your early adulthood. I’m still in it and spent years worrying. Now I realize, it might not be worth it
Welcome to the forum! Graduating from college and facing your first few years out of school is a rough time, but it can be fun too depending on how you look at it. My advice is to do your best to avoid any really damaging mistakes. You're gonna make some mistakes (everyone does--especially when they're just learning how to "adult"). But the key is to make sure that any mistakes you make aren't a big deal in the long run. Good luck!
Successful adulting is the culmination of a lot of learned skills, for sure. Being patient with myself, staying curious, and being resourceful to keep getting better at all the money and work stuff made me a better person generally. Just focus on a few things at a time; you don’t have to have everything figured out all at once.
Congratulations on graduating! If there is a single piece of advice I could give to myself in my early 20’s, it’s: don’t be a flake. We live in a world with an overwhelming amount of opportunities and choices, and a seemingly “always on” communication channel. It’s still important to commit to things and see them through. Old friends, new friends, hobbies, projects, maybe even a job you don’t like. The people I know that formed this habit earlier in adulthood are happier and more successful overall!