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Your background does not determine your future

The beginning of your life sometimes does not determine what you will become in life. You may have been born poor, but u were not born to be poor. You may have been brought up poor, but u were not brought up to be poor. The background where u come out from does not determine who u will become. once u are hardworking and determined. The definition of adulthood is responsibility. when u become an adult, take responsibility for your future. Take a look at your background and determine within your mind that u want to change your story to glory. God made you and he never makes a failure, always believe that God has a purpose for your life just work hard and he will surely ground your effort with success.


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I agree wholeheartedly! I came from a business-oriented family and as with any business, there were major ups and downs. We lived pretty hand to mouth for a long time but I've seen my family work relentlessly and have complete faith in God. We eventually settled down and found our purpose. Faith is necessary, as is having a sense of responsibility to work for your own future!


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This is an important lesson for everyone to learn growing up even those who are born into a position of privilege. I know I had it good growing up in a comfortable middle class family, and I often took that for granted. I let too much time pass without taking action, and I often feel like I wasted years of my life. We all need to chart our own course by taking chances, learning from our mistakes, and creating the change we want to see in our lives. There's an opportunity and a plan out there for all of us, and it's important to always be looking forward not back.


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I really love that quote! There are so many people in society today that either were born poor with a really bad upbringing and were able to turn it around/become very successful and famous. They never let their struggles define them or what they are capable of doing in life. Very important message