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Violinist Chen Shunping jumped from a building and died because he refused to be diagnosed. His wife revealed the details of the incident, and the con


On May 16, after the news that "Shanghai violinist Chen Shunping jumped out of a building and died after being rejected for diagnosis due to abdominal pain" was exposed by netizens, it was quickly reprinted by major official media, causing high public attention.

It is understood that on the evening of May 13, 71 year old Chen Shunping was unbearable because of sudden severe abdominal pain at home,

He was rushed to Shanghai Tongji Hospital for treatment, but was rejected by the hospital. Then he was immediately transferred to Shanghai Tenth netizen hospital, but found that the hospital was closed. At a loss, Chen Shunping, who tossed around, was finally sent home. In the early morning of May 14, Mr. Chen, who had unbearable abdominal pain, jumped from a building at home and committed suicide.

According to Chen Shunping's wife, at about 9 p.m. on May 13, her husband developed abdominal pain. At that time, he thought it was caused by too much dinner, so he didn't pay much attention. But after a while, the husband's abdominal pain did not reduce, but became more and more serious. Feeling bad, Mrs. Chen immediately contacted the neighborhood committee of the community, which immediately issued a pass certificate. Then, Mrs. Chen called 110 and 120 emergency calls for help. After waiting for more than half an hour, the ambulance arrived at the community. Then Chen Shunping was sent to the General Hospital of Shanghai Tongji Hospital. After arriving at the hospital, the hospital refused to accept the patient on the ground that there were y cases. Mrs. Chen begged the nurse on duty, and the nurse asked the leader for instructions again, and the reply was still not accepted. In this way, the ambulance took Chen Shunping and his wife to Shanghai No. 10 netizen hospital, and found that the hospital had long been closed. The ambulance had to send the couple back to the community when they were rejected. After returning home. Chen Shunping was still in pain and vomited several times during the night. Neither husband nor wife slept much.

At 7 a.m. on May 14, Chen Shunping got up and went to the living room. Mrs. Chen soon fell asleep because she didn't have much rest all night. As a volunteer in the community, Mrs. Chen got up at more than 8 a.m. and came to the living room to have a look. She found two pieces of paper on the table. At this time, an ominous feeling surged to my heart. So Mrs. Chen hurried to the balcony to find her husband. At this time, she heard someone downstairs shouting, "who is this? Why did you fall down from the upstairs!" Mrs. Chen hurried downstairs and found her husband lying in a pool of blood, motionless. After the tragedy, Chen Shunping's sister left a message on the Internet to express her deep sorrow for her brother's departure. She also revealed that her brother had just celebrated his 71st birthday on May 8. At the end of the message, he said, "ask the heaven why it is so ruthless! Whose fault! Whose fault!"

According to the latest news, the two pages of Chen Shunping's suicide note expressed two purposes:

First: say goodbye to your relatives in advance because you really endure the pain caused by spicy eye pancreatitis!

Second: I had a sudden illness the night before. 120 took me to several hospitals. They were all at a loss because they didn't accept treatment for the epidemic. After returning home, his condition continued to develop. He said that according to experience, it was probably pancreatitis. I couldn't sleep all night yesterday. I felt that my life was coming to the end.

After the incident, Chen Shunping's son also sent an online document saying that he did not want to pursue anyone's responsibility, because his father had died, it was meaningless to investigate who was responsible, and he just hoped that similar tragedies would not happen again.#陈顺平 拒诊 追责 #陈顺平之子 发文 #陈顺平 医院 接诊