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Trust Yourself and Success Will Come


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When I started in college, I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life, but I took a chance and applied for a role to write for an online publication for free. I got the position, and I started writing for the site at an unmanageable rate without any clear benefits. I realized after about a year that I wasn't going anywhere. While I stuck with it a bit longer, I ended up leaving the site to go start a site with a few fellow writers where we had more freedom and could see more tangible growth.

About 2 years later, that same publication emailed me. They had changed management and had focused the system for a few lead writers who they were paying to write on contract. The editor contacting me had no idea I had written on the site previously, but he had seen my work on the new site. He offered me a paid position that could grow into a larger contract over time. I accepted, and it was a huge turning point in my writing career.

I had taken a chance by leaving the well-known site for a new platform, but I don't believe I would have ever been offered a paid position on the site if I had not left in the first place. Now I have a stable and reliable writing position as one of the top writers for that publication, all because I trusted in my ability to grow on my own merit.