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To Kill a Mockingbird vs. Go Set a Watchman


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I know it's not a self-help book really, but To Kill a Mockingbird has so much good food for thought, and I feel like I learn something new every time I read it. As a 10th grade English teacher, I teach this book twice every year, once to my ELA 10 class, and once to my Honors English class, and I re-read it each time. The lessons Scout and Jem learn from their experiences and from Atticus, like learning to see things from others' perspectives before passing judgement, are so universal and timeless. I've heard that Go Set a Watchman paints Atticus as a much different character, but Mockingbird has had such a positive impact on me and I don't want it to be ruined for me, so I haven't been able to bring myself to read Watchman.

Are there any other Mockingbird fans out there who have read Watchman? Thoughts?


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Me! I absolutely LOVE To Kill a Mockingbird and have read it numerous times (and watched the movie because hellooooo Gregory Peck). I also wanted to name my corgi, Scout, because I love the character so much. So, when Go Set a Watchman came out, I wanted to read it and I purchased it immediately.

It's been awhile now since I read it, but I do remember not being a big fan. You are correct, Atticus is painted in a much different light and as someone that loved him from To Kill a Mockingbird it can be really difficult/upsetting to read. I also did not like Scout as much and found her to be annoying. That being said, I think it provides another dimension to To Kill a Mockingbird and think it is worthwhile reading. Just be prepared to have a lot of your emotions from the first book be challenged.