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The Difference Between A Frontal Wig and A Full Lace Wig


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Front wigs and full lace wigs are the most popular wig products on the market. Both are made of Swiss lace and 100% human hair. Today’s article will share with you the difference between a frontal wig and a full lace wig.

1. The difference between a frontal wig and a full lace wig?

1) The area of the lace part

According to the below comparison photo, you can see the difference between the area of the lace part. A full lace wig is made by full lace, its area of lace part is more than lace frontal wig. The human lace front wig only has a 13x4 lace frontal wig part in the front of the scalp.

2) Hairstyles

The lace front wig is a half machine-made and half hand-made lace wig. The lace frontal covers 13 inches across your forehead which gives you a 13-inch parting space. You can do parting more freely. (three-part, middle part, and free part)

The full lace wig is more versatile, as the lace is full around the scalp. You can go ponytails and up-dos which lace frontal wig is hard to do.

3) Price

Of course, different lace parts cost different usage of swiss lace. The price of a lace front wig is more affordable and competitive than a full lace wig.

3) Breathability and weight

The more area of lace part, the lighter weight of the lace wig. The full lace wig has more lace than the lace front wig, so it will be lighter and more breathable.

2. How to shop a frontal wig on West Kiss Hair?

1) Entering our mobile homepage directly: https://m.westkiss.com. (PC side please kindly visit: https://www.westkiss.com) You can see there is a button in the top left corner of the Web page, click it and will appear a left sidebar, then you can keep clicking “lace wigs” and “lace front human hair wigs”. It will lead to a new page of lace frontal wigs.

2) There are many lace front human hair wigs on this page, you can get more options by clicking the button “filter”, then start to choose relevant attributes you like. We will choose a product like the below picture to show you how to place an order at West Kiss Hair Store. We choose “180% Density Deep Wave Human Hair Lace Front Wig For Black Women”, after entering the product page, you can see some information of promotion code under the topic. Please kindly check and pick up one which is suitable for your order.

3) Scrolling down the page, you will see some options you need to select, including the hair length, hair density, capsize, lace size, construction, and quantity. After you make your selections, it's time to check out, please click “Buy Now” to enter a new page, you need to fill in all the blanks of receiving address. The final step is entering the payment page and complete the payment. We will arrange the shipment as soon as possible once we get your order.

4) Besides, there are three sections on every product page, “Product Details, Reviews, Recommend”. Getting more information about the product you want to buy.

5) How to choose the right to capsize?

Some beginners do not know how to choose the correct hair to capsize. You can enter the details page of any wig product in our store. The product below explains how to measure your head circumference and choose the right hair cap.

I hope today’s content will be helpful to you. If you want to learn more about wigs, please feel free to visit West Kiss Wigs Mall. There are many different types of wigs for you to choose from.