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Returning to school


Okay, so long-story-short college has been a struggle for me. I've always been academically adept and maintained solid grades to keep my family happy, but when I finally branched off to college on my own, I was tired. My mind pooped out, and I felt an overwhelming lack of motivation. I wasn't constantly hovered by my family to do well, I had myself and a roommate I wasn't sure I even liked outside of high school. I actually went through an influx of negative experiences during my freshman year that left me crippled in bed for months on end. I wouldn't eat or drink anything. I literally skipped class for days in a row. I didn't care and I didn't want to care anymore. I didn't want to exist anymore.

This feeling doesn't go away, I'm majorly depressed.
I suffer from mental illness that constantly attempts to deteriorate my quality of life, but I've finally learned to take accountability
for my own success and overcome my negative mindset. I don't want to be predestined to fail because I have a mental illness.

I did take separate spans, amounting to a year and a half off of school, but I'm back and I actually feel ready to graduate.
I actually feel able to go to class and administer the effort to obtain enough credits to start the next stretch of my life.
I'm on depression medication that probably doesn't work, but I took the initiative to seek help.

I just want anyone with mental illness to know that they aren't alone, and even though people are constantly compelled to claim your mind
or potentially lessen your character for an illness that you can't control, you are valid on your own.