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Researching ancestry to see your families past.


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I love searching for my family history. I am always learning something new about my family and our history. I enjoy finding interesting details that are new to me. What does family history mean to you? Are you interested or, is not something you would ever want to do research on? Do you think knowing your history helps you to understand yourself and others in your family? I would love to know your thoughts.
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Because of my family history, the only people close to me are my parents and brothers. From one side of the family (my mother's side), although they are nice enough, we don't really spend too much time together. From my father's side, well, as long as I can avoid them I can have a somewhat calm life.

So, no, I'm more than happy not knowing from my families past. I guess it's something that should be done though, just to know if there is some disease you need to worry about.


Maybe I am strange, but I really don't care much about blood relations. I love my family, but I don't like most of them (except my brother and my daughter). I also don't place much importance on "where I come from", since I believe we make our own lives and what we do matters more than what our ancestors did.