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Losing my passion

Hi there, lately I've been dealing with some extremely negative thoughts that resulted in a vast amount of self-doubt. As a result, my inspiration is at the all-time low and I can't seem to find a strength to go on with a certain project that requires me to be pretty much at the highest level possible. So my question here to you guys would be, how do you deal with self-doubt, and how in the world can you go on?


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Having transitioned to writing full-time, I'm no stranger to self-doubt. I doubt my ability to write, and to transform this venture into a viable business. It’s been hard. But when I find myself spiraling (the path my doubt tends to take), I do the following:

1. Take a break. It sounds simple, but sometimes a brief break can really turn things around. Coaches do it all the time with slumping athletes. A day off gives them a chance to rest and reset, and to let go of negative thoughts.

2 Talk it out. Sometimes, we our hardest on ourselves. Supportive friends and family remind me of my worth and talent, and motivate me to keep going. (This is also known as fishing for compliments.)

3. Try a different approach. Maybe my routine needs tweaking. Maybe I need to come at the issue a different way. Whatever the problem, chances are there’s a solution. The challenge is finding it.

Whatever you’re facing donhorizon, I believe in you. From your posts, I can tell that you’re smart and ambitious, and a good person. Don’t give in to your doubt. You got this. ;)
Thank you so much, Sam, for your kind words and for reading my posts. Yeah, I am ambitious, but these days I can't seem to find the right words to express myself. It may be due to that one-whole-week break I took from writing. Still, I feel that this is just temporary and that I'll be able to overcome this soon.


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I was in the same position for a long while. I felt that I had lost control of my own life in a way. The self-doubt and constant self-deprecation kept creeping up exponentially.
Along with all of Sam_C's steps, I had to take a step back and re-evaluate my priorities. I had found myself over worked and very tired. It is very important to not only use a support system, such as family, friends and co-workers, but to really take inventory of these relationships. Personally, I had to stop communicating with people who I had thought were close friends. I knew this because of the negative impact they had on my life. Although, they were kind and caring "friends" they did not provide the correct support. I.E. (bar friends). This would be, for example, the friend or family member who seems to only want to meet up for drinks or someone who drains you emotionally with their issues and never seems to have the time to address your concerns.

Thank you for the the post DonHorizon.


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Self-doubt is something I've dealt with my entire adult life; I've tried a lot of different tactics, and you've already gotten some really good advice here. I was very hesitant to try meditating, but I got into an app called Calm that I really like. There are others as well, though the only one I've used is Headspace. The daily reminders on how to ground yourself are really helpful for me.