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Improving Yourself (42 Ways)


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I ran across a Pinterest post that lists 42 [practical] ways to improve oneself. I have attached the link to this posting.

One that stood out to me :

#23 : Avoid negative people.

I think it's natural to complain about SOMETHING everyday. I don't think there are many people who NEVER complain. The complaint could be as simple as, "My goodness, why does it have to be so hot out?" or "Why is this person driving way below the speed limit?"

One of my goals in life is to complain less and be thankful more. With that being said, I would need to keep my distance from family and friends that I know never have anything positive to say and are always complaining. Complaining could be contagious :) LOL

What from this list do you agree with?


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I love this list!! Three of my favorites are 1. Read a book every day, 8. Wake up early, and 38. Show kindness to the people around you. These are three practices that I have personally been working on adopting into my life for a while- reading everyday is a great way to keep my mind stimulated, and it provides a welcome relief from staring at a TV, computer, or phone screen. Not to mention, we as a society have been blessed with some incredible writing talents, and being able to immerse yourself in their work is such a gift.

Waking up early is something else that has made a huge difference in my quest to work on myself. My body naturally wakes up early everyday, but I tend to go back to sleep as long as I can. I've been working on changing this, by getting up when I wake up. It changes the tone of my whole day- since I woke up naturally, I'm not feeling groggy or cranky about forcing myself to get up. I get so much done in the morning, and I have an entire day ahead of me that I really feel I started off on the wrong foot.

Finally, my third favorite kind of falls in with #23 too- avoid negative, spread positive. As silly as "energy" can feel sometimes, it's amazing how much of an effect it really can have on our lives. As you mentioned, there are always people who are constantly negative, and their energy can really bring you down! Being nice to those around you is a great way (that I've found) to not only make someone else's day better, but to improve your own as well.

Love this list, love the post! Awesome topic!


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Hello Shelbyk,

I love this list as well! I wish I could wake up early like you do but I am 34 weeks pregnant and it is difficult to get out of bed in the morning (to say the least) LOL. I do agree with you though, that waking up naturally could eliminate the crankiness that comes with being forced to get out of bed. One method I use when having to set an alarm to wake up is to use an alarm sound of birds chirping softly - as if the sounds of nature awakes me instead of a screaming alarm. The loud (scary) alarms often have me waking with an increased heart rate - which can't be a good start to one's day LOL.

Thanks for your response!