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Goals and Mental Illness


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It’s been very challenging to stick to my own goals while also balancing a bout of depression that makes me want to lay in bed all day. So I like having this forum as a way to share my goals and find more motivation to keep up with them!

This week I want to:
-attend at least 3 yoga classes
-write at least 20k words of my newest novel
-study 2 hours per day for my first actuarial exam (starting Tuesday when the textbook arrives)

Not super fun or anything, but there you go!


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I've had some issues with mental illness that have deterred me from my goals too, it really is a master of getting you to lay in bed all day, or want to at least. But I've tried to keep a positive outlook on the situation, and I've found that setting goals and making plans with those goals really help with achieving them. Best of luck with your goals!


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Thanks! Setting goals is key. Scheduling things into my calendar with clear timelines is also key. I feel better when I can accomplish even small tasks according to what I planned.