Goal: Meditate at least 5 minutes a day

i want to start meditating a little bit each day to try to establish a real habit. I've tried a couple apps but usually end up falling off the wagon and wasting money on monthly subscriptions. Has anyone successfully been able to start and maintain a meditation habit, with or without the use of an app?
I met one-on-one with a "meditation coach" in the student health services department when I was in college. I had always wanted to learn TM, but did not want to pay the high tuition cost. I was able to learn other methods for free, so I went that route. If you get the chance to learn from a real-live person, I recommend doing that.

When I was meditating every day, I really did feel a lot better. Of course, I didn't keep up the practice; it is difficult for me to sit still for so long. It's funny how meditation really did have a positive effect on my mind and body, yet I was unable to keep up with the practice.
I agree, TM is really intriguing but way too expensive! I definitely feel better all-around when I consistently meditate so I have no idea why it's so hard to keep it up. I think there's a meditation center close to where I live. I believe it's Buddhism-based. Thanks for the idea!