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Decision making (RIGHT OR WRONG)

Making good decision can lead you down the right path and wrong decision will lead us down the wrong path. learn from your bad decision and improve upon them this will lead you to make the right one which will help you in life. if you make the bad decision and you decide not to make an amendment to it, you might regret not doing that by the end of the day. you might be making the right decision but because you did not have a quick result so you believe that you are making the wrong one. sometimes the good things come the hard way. the mistake we make sometimes is following the decision giving to us by people not knowing whether they are good or bad.why don't you think within your mind and make the decision you believe you are okay with because when you do that and fail, you will be able to look at and the things that make you fail and make amendment.


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I definitely agree that making mistakes can be the best way to learn. As we know, many of the greatest inventions and innovations are a product of several "failures" leading to something that changes the world. With this in mind, maybe the mindset that we often have of there only being one "right", is inaccurate. Attaining success, especially early on, can lead to complacency which is not good in the long term.

Thus, in my opinion, there is rarely one perfect decision to be made.