I used to have a great commute; it was a 30 minute walk or a 15 minute bike ride. I liked to get some fresh air especially in the morning. Now, I have a 45 minute train commute. Not as great as what I had, but at least I can read a book, listen to a podcast or get my to do list set for the day. Soon they are closing my station for an extended period of time for construction. I’ll have to drive and it’s about an hour with traffic. I’m dreading this because I don’t like the stress of rush hour and I hate to lose 2 hours of productivity. Does anyone have tips for how you stay sane and productive with a long car commute?!
I'm facing a similar situation when I move into my house next month, which will add 20-30 minutes to my commute. I think you can do some of the same things in the car that you do on the train -- listen to a book on tape or podcast, possibly set up some voice apps on your phone to record a to-do list. It will just take a little more planning ahead of time so everything's set up when you hit the road. Here's an article that lists some productivity apps for commuters (admittedly some are not handy if you're driving, but several have voice recognition features). Also, are your work hours flexible at all? If so, it may be worth getting up earlier or leaving later to avoid some of the heaviest traffic.
Thanks for the article! Some cool apps in there I hadn’t seen before. I’ve never been a Siri user, but maybe it’s time to start :)

Getting in early might be an option... if I’m going to have to wake up earlier I better start re-forming my routine now...!
I LOVE podcasts. Sometimes I wish my commute was longer so I could listen longer! I think finding podcasts or audiobooks that you find interesting will make your commute feel like a breeze. Podcasts are free and there's an app called Libby that you can use to check out audiobooks from your local library.

Good luck!


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Before there were podcasts, there was NPR... which is what I used initially to pass time during my longer commutes from college back home... of course, podcasts are great. I use the 'Podcast Addict' app to syndicate and queue my podcast playlist... but know there are many various others out there! If you're going by train and don't have to be attentive Popcorn Time is a great streaming app to keep up on many of your favorite movies and shows for free. There are also, of course, great RSS readers to keep up with favorite blogs and news sites!