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Book review : how to get sh*t done


So recently finished this book by Erin flaconer and I really like it. I wouldn't call it life changing but it was definitely habit altering. It was really geared towards women and mothers who over work themselves with task and feel like they don't get sh*t done. It encourage you to drop task and ask for help and not to over heap you plate just for the sake of checking the boxes on the do to list. It went on to tell you to prioritize things based on your goals so that you have focus in you task and they aren't just busy work. I liked it and it's helped me to realize that just cause I got more boxes check off at work than my male co-workers doesn't mean much if I'm exhausted and unfocused. I've learned to delegate and to prioritize. it's helped me at home as a mom too. I don't stress over laundry cause the world isn't going to fall apart if it goes undone for the day.