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    The Inside Out Revolution

    The inside out revolution by Micheal Neill. At first this book made some sense to me, but frankly didn't help me much to begin with due to it having no techniques or methods to use, only an understanding or concept of how things work. After some time though i read something in it that gave me a...
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    1 hour of free coaching, no strings attached.

    Hi Everyone, Do you struggle with any of the following? Lack of self believe. Depression. Anxiety. Stress. Not knowing what you want to do with your life, or knowing but struggling to realize it. Having a better relationship with money. A general feeling of unhappiness or that something is...
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    Looking for people to connect with and help

    Hi everyone. I am here because I want to connect with people and have meaningful conversations with like minded people. I have been into personal development since i discovered paul mckenna self hypnosis CD's when I was 21, since then I have studied NLP, hypnosis and psychology, although I...