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I am a musician and have been playing guitar and singing for over 15 years. Recently I decided to learn how to play the piano. In doing so, I looked up a variety of methods for learning an instrument. I decided to try the Yousician app. It is a good way to learn basics, including reading music, notes, chords and so forth. One of the main issues is that the free program only offers 10 minutes a day of free lesson/practice time. This can be extended by completing tests which, if successfully completed, resets the timer.

I find that this program is great for a beginner, but is not anywhere close to a replacement for a tutor and practice. I would recommend this to anyone with a cursory interest in learning the guitar OR piano. This is a good way to find out if it is something you want to pursue further without a significant investment.


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Thank you for this review! I am a musician as well, and often have people asking about my opinion of such apps but I can never really give a good answer, not having used them. Do you think with the paid version it would be good for a beginner? Obviously, nothing can replace a live teacher, but do you feel this could be worthwhile?


Do you think this would be a good program for a child say 8 or 9 to try out to see if they are interested in a certain instruments. How much is the paid version and do you think that it's worth it?