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You're Not Scared, You're Embarrassed


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This is just one of a ton of videos on Brendan Burchard's youtube channel, but it resonates so profoundly with me. Embarrassment is the one thing always holding me back. It's coupled with an immense feeling of self-doubt. I never believe my skill set is better than anybody else's. I'm often too embarrassed to even think of trying something.

Burchard urges us in the video to not be embarrassed because everyone has to start small. Dreams don't happen overnight.

He says, "Three goals today. Three goals the next day, and I'm going to get that momentum going. With momentum comes motivation. With that momentum, more learning. It only begins if you're okay with starting small and taking little bites at your dream and not try to eat the whole thing all at once."

So momentum is key, but there are other elements to overcome your fear:

"Get yourself a mentor. Get yourself a plan...Of course, you're going to fear it's not going to work out, if you can't see where it's going to go...Read their biographies. Study their processes. Read their books. Take their courses. Engage their material. Ask the questions. The world is full of mentors that you can access with a direct message now."

That last bit of advice kind of astonished me...because I never even thought to reach out to someone that could be a mentor on social media.

Does anyone else ever feel embarrassed to even begin? Has anyone overcome this yet, has already made their dreams come true, that can describe their illuminated path or map, as Burchard calls it?

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Yes! I have felt too embarrassed to begin before. I am too concerned about what people think about me. I've slowly had to flex my "Just do it" muscle over time and it's become so much easier. I've practiced this so much that I hear, "just do it," in my head whenever I hesitate. Over time, I've overcome the embarrassment because the fear turned out to be baseless most of the time. When I did get embarrassed, I got even better at not caring and being proud of taking action.