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Work-Related Emails 101


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Most organizations with at least 100 employees or more are likely to have their own intranet service, which means most of the team members would have work email addresses. With the power curve of fast-pace communication changing the way we send information, I realize it might be hard not to get swept into the habit of using new lingo. That new lingo usually includes smileys, shortcuts and emojis. I am sure the words would be easy to describe how embarrassing it might be to send such content in an email to a corporate-level boss. Below, I have included a few tips and an outline for a signature block.

1. Try to avoid starting the email with 'Sir' or 'Ma'am'. Instead, either do not use gender or use the actual name of the person.
'Greetings': (or) 'Barbara:'

2. Avoid profanity (obviously)

3. Avoid smileys (unless this is the norm for work-related emails between coworkers, but not with upper management)

4. Be specific & detail oriented but keep it simple. (i.e., who, what, why, where, when & how)

5. Cite & include resources if necessary

6. Be sure that the heading and closing have matching punctuation
'Dear Barbara:' & 'Respectfully:'

7. Include a signature block with contact information

Typical signature block:
(Name): Phil (last name)
(Title): Contributor
(Department and/or Company): NeuroSkillz.com
(Contact info): (123) 456-7890
Note: One may list the department name on a line by itself.