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What's The Best Grade For a Glue-Free Wig?


You know what? Wigs are divided into several kinds from different aspects. For example, in the way of wearing, they are divided into lace wigs and non-lace wigs that need glue bonding, and non-glue wigs also have their advantages and disadvantages. If we can afford it, we try to buy high-quality, non-adhesive 613 wigs that won't damage our hair.

What is the best grade for a non-glue wig?
But changing a weave with closure makes you look so different, that you can't give it up!
Well, there should be a good solution.
How about we go get glue-free HD lace front wigs!

What is a glue-free wig?
As the name suggests, the glue-free lace front wig has hand knots all over the body and can be secured to the head without the use of glue, tape, or any other sticky material.
People like to change their hair daily or weekly, so using wigs with glue can be very bad for their natural hair.

These glue-free lace front wigs are made from only hair and lace.
This perfectly mimics the movement and style of the biological human hair.
Not only are they perfect for your ever-changing hairstyles, but choosing a glue-free wig gives you the freedom to pamper your scalp by washing and moisturizing it daily.

What to know before buying a glue-free wig?
When buying a glue-free wig for the first time, you should know a few things before choosing the wig that best suits you.
● The first thing you need to make sure of is that you get the right size.
To measure your size, all you have to do is measure your head.
● People's heads are usually between 21 and 24, which determines whether you want small, medium, or large plates.
● When done, now all you have to do is choose the color, length, and style you want.
● Another thing you should be aware of is that even though you may find wigs a great way to change your hair, they're not the cheapest option.
You might find affordable wigs, but they'll still set you back hundreds of dollars.
If you are still determined to get a glue-free wig, then you are ready to choose the best for yourself!

Why did these wigs become popular?
Glue-free wigs have become more popular in recent years for a number of reasons.
They come in a variety of styles, colors, and lengths.
Some of the main reasons for its popularity include:
● They avoid using excessive glue in your hair, which can be very dangerous to your skin in the long run
● Easy and quick to apply, so you can take it off every night, without causing any irritation
● Suitable for people who use these wigs as protection and enjoy the freedom to remove them at will.
● These wigs are very useful for hairpins and combs, which can cause traction alopecia, the disease that causes hair loss when you wear them.
So people love these wigs and they have become very famous over the years.
With these glue-free wigs, you can always change your hair!

What type of non-glue wig do you choose?
When it comes to hair types, there are four types of wigs to choose from:
▪ 100% virgin hair
100% virgin hair is the most expensive wig you can buy.
They are the highest quality human hair and have not undergone any mechanical or chemical process.
All of its cuticles are attached in the same direction.
▪ Remy's hair
Centaurs also have 100% human hair, with all their cuticle attached in one direction.
But the difference is that the hair has been chemically and mechanically treated.
Much as 100% human hair
Human hair is also real, with no wig visible, but the cuticle of these hairs has been peeled off, possibly even through some mechanical and chemical process.

What type of non-glue wig do you choose?
For non-glue wigs, we offer three types of wigs that you can choose according to your preference:
HD lace wig without glue
A wig made with a high definition transparent lace front or completely invisible closure is called a high definition lace wig without glue.
HD means high definition, due to the use of high-quality lace material.
The royal lace material, known as Swiss lace, becomes invisible when applied to the scalp.
This hd lace is so thin that it almost disappears into the hair.
You can easily attach it to your hair without using any glue.

Transparent lace wig without glue
Transparent non-glue lace wigs are similar to high-definition lace wigs, but the difference is lace.
HD Lace wigs use a quality lace material called Swiss lace, while transparent lace is ordinary lace with a transparent color.
This transparent lace material is available in different shades.
According to your hairline, choose the right one for your scalp!

Plain lace front wig
A normal lace front wig is a wig or extension made of transparent lace that you can adjust on your head.
The difference is that it's transparent, but it doesn't offer the transparency you'd get with the help of a transparent lace wig or a high-definition lace wig.
It can also be attached to your head without glue and still look flawless!

With that in mind, do you have a wig to buy? For more wig styles, check out the West Kiss Hair website.