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What Makes a Second Language Stick


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There are plenty of people who struggle with learning a second language. It can be a difficult skill to learn, and it can take a lot of time and dedication to learn a language, especially after a certain age (young children seem to adapt to second languages faster and easier than adults do). Therefore, while learning a second language, it can feel discouraging when none of it seems to be sticking. However, I have found some important factors that come with language learning that some people overlook: repetition and consistency. One should not simply learn a language solely through a class. One should learn the language by hearing it elsewhere. That way, the words and grammar one can learn from a second language can start to feel more familiar, and learning a second language can be made easy when one hears the language used naturally and in different contexts. I think one of the most helpful ways one can learn a language is by watching a show or movie in said language. It can allow the learner to become more familiar with the language and observe how the language is used. Hearing the words and hearing certain words repeatedly would help the learning process, as the repetition of words used in the media of the language would allow the language to feel more natural. Of course, standard language classes are quite helpful, but simple textbook-reading is not enough for a second language to stick. Incorporating media and other parts of the culture in the second language would allow the learning process to become easier. While it sounds like a lot of work, it can be worth it. For example, while I was taking Spanish, I found myself struggling with how sentences were structured and remembering certain words. However, it became easier when I decided to start watching movies in Spanish. It really helped with the learning process, and I even started to learn words that were not taught in my classes, as hearing them used repeatedly allowed the words to stick, and I gradually learned how and when to use them. I think this method could apply to any language, and I would highly recommend that anyone learning a language should pick a movie they like and try switching the language to the one they are learning. It is a great way to incorporate such an auditory-reliant medium. But that is simply my view on language learning. What do you guys think? Has anyone ever tried watching one of their favorite movies in the language they are trying to learn? Has anyone tried incorporating other forms of media into their learning processes?