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What is important to know about holidays in the Maldives?


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● There is practically no production in the Maldives , even the guys import vegetables and fruits, so prices are high here. For all.

● Prices in the Maldives are generally quoted without taxes. That is, immediately add 25% to the prices for hotels on booking.com, to the prices in the SPA and in the menu in restaurants .

● There are no shops, supermarkets or pharmacies in the resorts, only souvenir shops. So be sure to take all your medicines with you. And do not forget to take out insurance in advance - only on a few islands will you be able to receive full assistance in case of some serious problems. In any other case, you will be sent to Male, which will incur additional costs.

How much does a holiday in the Maldives cost?


It all depends on the season, on the dates of departure and on the airline. The run-up in prices is serious (and only goes up), but sometimes there are good offers. For example, this July Aeroflot offers a direct flight (Moscow - Male - Moscow) for two for 100 thousand rubles in economy class, and for October you can buy two round-trip tickets for 75 thousand rubles.

If your hotel is not very close to Male, then you will most likely be offered to take another flight on a small (very small) plane. It is absolutely safe - you will take off and land on the water. But, unfortunately, this is not only a new experience and emotions, but also additional expenses. The ticket price will depend on how far you have to fly. A speed boat from the airport to the island, which is 20-30 minutes away, will cost several times cheaper.