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What Are The Different Types Of Closures?


Closure wigs have 3 different parts, which are a free part, a middle part closure, and three-part closure. They can give us different hairstyles.
If it were you, what would you choose?

What is free part closure?
A free partial closure is a hair bundle sewn on a lace base without any parts and is generally considered the most natural type of HD lace closure wigs.
Unlike pre-parted closures, the implication of a free-part closure is that you can split a free-part closure anywhere.
You can do a zigzag part, a curved part, and you can part it any way you can part your regular affordable lace front wigs.

What is middle closure?
The middle part, also known as the T lace part, is a lace part with a middle fork.
The middle melt lace wig closure is very suitable for the middle hairstyle that became popular in a very short time.
The hair is perfectly parted in the middle.

What is three-part closure?
The three-piece part has three sections, one in the middle, one on the left, and one on the right, giving you a variety of hair sections to choose from.
Depending on the installation method, the three-part closure allows you to easily switch from one side to the other.
You can easily change the typing at any time.

What's the difference between a free partial closure and an intermediate partial closure and a three-part closure?
The three lace parts have the same texture and installation method.
They're all made from 100 percent human hair and a piece of lace.
All the hair was hand-sewn in lace holes.
They are equally good, and both are easy to design, but for either closure, the knot must be bleached.

Free part VS three-part closure
1. Free part closure will provide you with more styles to choose from.
All three parts work in the same way, but it has fewer styles than free closure.
2. A three-part closure makes the hair parting process easier.
You can also switch parts from one side to the other.
3. There is a free part closure, you can choose not to separate at all and it will still look natural and beautiful.
A free part cap gives you a variety of options and you can separate it from any Angle.

The middle part VS the free part is closed
1. You must keep the middle part of the style with the middle part closed.
However, when you separate your parts, the free part can give you more options.
2. The middle part of the closure is not impossible to lose part of its line.
Although you may need to make more of an effort to keep your hair separate.
3. Unlike the middle part, it will still look good if you make a few mistakes separating the free part.
But any error in the middle lace part will be very obvious.

Middle part VS three-part closure
1. As the name implies, both of them are pre-open buttons, and the three-section lace button has one more parting line than the middle button.
2. When you try to install a three-piece set, you need to install it without any mistakes, because if the closure is slightly off, the whole wig will look bad.
3. A three-section part can provide a unique and interesting look to your hair, but that doesn't mean it always looks natural.
Even if all three parts are installed correctly, you can sometimes still peek at the other parts you're trying to overwrite.

Which one is the best?
In reality, there is no definitive answer as to which is best for you.
But there are some tips for choosing lace parts.
1. If you want a lace part that can be parted anywhere, a free partial lace part is best for you.
You can even make a zigzag section with a free section lace closure.
2. If you only like a center part, a lace part in the middle will suffice.
3. If you want more versatility and fun closure, the three-piece lace closure is wonderful.
4. If you want a part that doesn't require you to separate yourself, the middle of a three-section lace part is fine.
5. If all you need is a natural lace part, anyone will do it.

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