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Violinist Chen Shunping jumped out of the building after being refused medical treatment, leaving a 2-page suicide note, and his family sent a text of


The wind is blowing, the water is cold, and the brave man will never return once he goes. "—— Historical records

Beauty is getting old and heroes are getting old. This is the most touching and helpless thing. Life is like a fleeting time, just for a moment. People who shine and shine again are like meteors, and finally they will return to peace.

Chen Shunping is such an artist. He is very musical, but he was quarantined at home during the epidemic, but he was refused treatment for serious illness. Finally, he couldn't stand jumping out of a building and died, leaving a suicide note. The family was in great pain. They sent a message of condolences, saying that they would not be held accountable, and called on them not to let such a tragedy happen again in the future. It's a great pity that after Chen Shunping's death, the family said they couldn't accept it for a time, and published the details of Chen Shunping's death on the Internet.

For example, Chen Shunping's wife and son, and restored the course of the whole incident, netizens also expressed great pity. The family also said that they would not investigate who was responsible, but felt very sad and regrettable for their father. He is a talented artist, who has made a lot of contributions to the music industry, but unfortunately suffered from a very serious disease in his old age and suffered from illness all day long. It happened that God was also so unlucky. During the isolation period of the epidemic, Chen Shunping's condition relapsed. Finally, he was really in pain, ended his life, and completely ended the pain. For such a situation, his father was also responsible, mainly because he no longer wanted to accept the torture of illness, and his life also came to an end, so he chose to jump off a building and die. But there are also external reasons, such as untimely rescue and so on. However, the family members no longer want to continue to investigate who is right and who is wrong, and send a document of condolences. They just want to wake up future generations, hope that such a tragedy will not happen, and hope that the treatment measures during the epidemic will be more complete. During the epidemic, everyone is an isolated island, and what they need is mutual help, rather than individual self sweeping the snow in front of the door, regardless of the frost on others' tiles, as if it's none of their own business.#陈顺平 拒诊 追责 #陈顺平之子 发文 #陈顺平 医院 接诊