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Video to inspire new beginnings


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a coworker shared this video with me a while ago and I absolutely love it. Starting something new is difficult and scary and any time I’m starting to feel overwhelmed by it all, I sit down and watch this. An invocation for beginnings. I



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What a powerful video. I would have to agree with most everything he said. Initially I was turned off by the language but, he gets his message across. We have to remember that we don't need to be scared and we should always look at the positive aspects of our life even if others don't think they are positive. Thanks for sharing. It always helps to see how we should look at the haters.


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This is a really interesting video; it definitely rewards watching and reflection. Positivity is something that's up to us to personally cultivate; we can't expect others to give it to us or to define it for us. By the same token, haters can't define what terrible about our life; that's not up to them to determine. This is a powerful message to hear right now.