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Using Logs to Record Progress


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Hello all! I am a bit of recording maniac, in that I like to record my steps down transformative paths that I chart out for myself. For example, I have a log for a workout plan, a new diet, and study timing, all of which are incredibly helpful in keeping me to task. However, I know that the general rule of thumb is that after twenty-one continuous days of doing something, you form a new habit, which really helps you keep it going, which would make my logs infinitely less significant. However, I have a difficult time breaking away from recording my things and I fear that I'm becoming dependent on recording my progress and possibly even treating it like a crutch. Does anyone have any pointers on how to ween myself off of this process?


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This is interesting. I don’t know that there is really an issue with logging things if it makes you feel like it keeps you on task. Yea, they say things will become habit after 21 days but some people just need that extra motivation and I don’t think anything is wrong with that. However if you feel like it’s an issue, then the best way I can recommend depends on how often you are logging. For example if you are doing it every couple of hours then try every day at the end of the day instead. Or if you are only doing it once a day already, try maybe every other day, then every 2 days etc until you find yourself skipping weeks at a time. I know as an adult it is different because you have the control but I’ve used this method with my child and she just eventually forgot. Good luck.