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Trimmed Bangs Give You a Whole New Look


Whether it's dressing up every day, or going to cosplay, we always want to change a new hairstyle, try a new style, and discover a different version of ourselves. If you don't want to make a big change, you can trim the bangs.

1. If you want to use your face as a reference, wear your wig while cutting on Wet Kiss Hair Review. Place the wig on your head from back to front and make sure it fits snugly on your forehead. Use clips along the straps to secure the Brazilian frontal lace wigs and keep them in place.
2. If you want to see bangs while trimming them, buy a styrofoam head from a craft store and put the Burgundy bundles with frontal wig on top. Try to align the wig with your head so that your forehead is about the same height as you. That way, you won't cut your bangs too short.
Keep in mind that the styrofoam head is slightly smaller than the head, so your bangs will look a bit different on a mannequin than on your head.
You can try on the wig first, and then use the hairpin to mark where you want your bangs cut.
Use t-stitches or straight stitches to hold the wig in place. For example, pin wigs on the top of your head and at your temples.
3. Tie all of your hair up, except for bangs, so it's out of the way. For easier access to bangs, grab most of the hair and secure it with a headband or clip. That way, you won't accidentally cut another hair.
4. Comb bangs forward so you can trim them easily. Use a rat tail comb to comb down the bangs of the wig. Comb them until each hair is smooth and even. While you're at it, cut off any hair you don't want to be trimmed.
If any hairs stand up, you may trim your bangs unevenly.
5. If you want to trim your face, leave some longer parts on the side. While this is optional, an inch (2.5 cm) or a little longer on each side will look flattering with a wig. If you want to give your bangs more shape and texture, please do so.
Whether you're trimming straight bangs or sweeping them sideways, you can do this.
6. To trim extra bangs, cut off excess hair at the ends. After separating the bangs from the rest of your hair, cut them 2 to 3 inches (5.1 to 7.6 centimeters) directly above your eyebrows to make them more manageable. Depending on your wig type, bangs may be very long when you acquire a wig. Some wig designers do this deliberately so that you can customize the look of tassels, especially synthetic wigs.
It doesn't have to be a uniform, precise cut. The goal is to get rid of the weight at the bottom of the bangs.

Do you have any other ways to trim your bangs? Welcome to share with us.