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To Grow Yourself it helps to Know Yourself


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The biggest lightbulb, aha, call-to-action moments in my life have happened over the course of this last year and they happened when I became really intentional about knowing who I am as a person and how I function. I've been the owner/operator of myself for a few decades but I hadn't read the manual. I knew things about myself, but it was not until I took an intentional approach to my functionality that I began to grow intentionally instead of reaction-ally, as a response to what happens in my life.

Some of the tools I used to chart this course were the Myers Briggs personality type test. From there I learned that I am an ENFP.

The ENFP stands for Extroverted, iNtuative, Feeling and Perceiving. My favorite description of ENFPs is that we naturally exist where others require exotic pharmaceuticals lol. I've always been embarrassed of my extremely outgoing, loud, engaging and whirl-wind personality, mostly because the rest of my family is very introverted, sensing, judging and thinking (The opposite of an ENFP). I learned how to be quiet sometimes, but sometimes the personality would come shooting out when my guard was down. It wasn't until I learned that that's a legitimate personality type and that I can be a successful person if I guide my focus in the right direction that I stopped feeling so broken. Now I work on staying on task, because that's hard when you're going a mile a minute, and writing down my thoughts and questions and quips and ideas when it's not the right time to speak them. That pause has helped me to balance my contribution to conversations without shouting down the room in excitement.

Being intentional with knowing myself has made growing myself so much easier because I'm looking at myself with a more complete picture instead of just focusing on "Why am I so loud and why do I have so many feeling!?!?!" Turns out, that's who I am and there are others like me! When I started researching my personality type I recognized the pitfalls and strengths of others ENFPs in my life and developed a plan.

How have you identified areas of growth? Are you still learning things about yourself that surprise you? Do you have any strategies for knowing yourself?