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The top one wig: Curly Hair Wig


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Curly hair wigs are famous for young black ladies. It is such a refined and eye-catching hairstyle. Curly lace front wigs and curly bundles have become famous. Nevertheless, it easily gets tangled compared to a straight human hair wig to keep up the hair and the wavy design, you need to give more consideration to a curly hair wig. Can you take care of a curly hair wig? How to get the best curly human hair wig? Keep reading and we will explain it in this article.

What is a curly hair wig?
Curly hair wigs are made of curly hair bundles with closure or frontal. It is made of 100% virgin human hair. The trim conclusion is the highest calibre and it is extremely durable.

Sorts of curly hair wig
We have known, real human hair wigs comprise lace front wigs, closure wigs, full lace wigs, U part human hair wigs, and 360 lace wigs etc. The virgin hair comes from young ladies, has no shedding, it is delicate and breathable.

1. Curly closure wigs: 2x4 closure wig, 4x4 closure wig, 5x5 closure wig. 6x6 closure wig.
2. Curly lace front wig: 360 lace front wig, 13x4 lace front wig and 13x6 lace front wig.

3. Curly HD wigs: 13x4, 13x6, 5x5 and 6x6 HD wigs
4. New arrival wigs: Curly headband wig. Curly lace part wig. Curly U part wig.

Detail of curly hair wig:
Material: 100% virgin hair
Indicated Color: 1B
Cap Development: Full Trim/Ribbon front/360 ribbon
Hairstyle: curly wave
Hair Length: 8"- 40"
Hair Thickness: 130%, 150%, 180%, 200% and 250%

Curly hair wigs have different colours: 99J Burgundy, brown colour and different highlight colour.

How to deal with Curly Hair Wigs?
1. Wash the curly wig cautiously but not too often, once or twice a week when there is dust in the hair. When you wash it, you can use your own cleanser and conditioner to wash the hair and then use water to remove the lather. Afterwards, squeeze out the water and use a towel to dry it but don't rub the hair or the curls will become loose.
2. In the event that the hair gets tangled vigorously, you can utilize scissors to trim the ends of the hair to eliminate the tangled part.
3. In the event that the twist design isn't tight, you can utilize a wide-toothed brush to detangle the hair, simply brush the hair tenderly in the event that you brush the tangled part and it is difficult to open, pls don't utilize the brush to extend the hair or it will cause hair shedding. If it is a tight curls hair wig, you ought not to utilize a brush on the hair, simply utilize your fingers to search over the hair tenderly.
4. When you’re not wearing it, please store it. You can place it in the silk bag but you’re advised to use a mannequin.

Where To Get The Best Curly Hair Wig?
On the off chance that you need to shake a cool style, you can think about a curly lace front wig. Curly twists are tighter than deep wavy hair as "The Caribbean". Distinct length, thickness, colours, and fake scalp are accessible for picking, but also, long curly hair looks more beautiful. To save its unique look from tangling, don't brush the hair when it is dry but brush it with conditioner during washing. Make to utilize silk serum to hair particularly curly hair to add back moisture and glow.

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