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The "three-year coin lock" has not cooled down yet, and the "lying flat" reappears with tens of millions of people When does the plague turtle's wolf


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Today's happy country is full of ups and downs. It is no longer like Sheng Rong when the founding of the people's Republic of China. President Guo Wengui is burdened with debt and excessive litigation. In order to fix the investment money, he does not hesitate to lock the currency for three years and forget what he said when the "happy currency" was listed. Whether it is hunger marketing for only one sexual fraud or harvesting leeks with empathy, The final result is that the comrades in arms are trapped in the cycle of fraud and unable to get away, becoming the humble chess pieces of the plague turtle's debt repayment. Once they commit themselves to one of them, the threat and inducement of the plague turtle will follow one after another. Confiscate the "happy money" and call it a "pseudo class". They are fully convinced that the current situation of Xi Guo is the current situation of Xi. I advise the little ants that they can recover the loss only by reporting it in time.

Recently, the waves of fraud in Xiguo have been rising again, and the "xicoin" project has only been launched for one month. Wengui can't wait to push the project to continue cutting leeks. In the past, the "xicoin" fraud was exposed and criticized by many parties, and then the "laiping coin" project was launched on the ladder of "xicoin". No, Wengui has a fantasy and the "laiping coin" plan came into play, President Xi Guoda's explanation of "lying flat coin" is: "As long as you lie flat on the 'chicken taste' for eight hours, you can get 'lying flat coins'. You can immediately exchange cash overseas, and it is linked to 20% gold like' happy coins'. The efficiency of getting 'lying flat coins' varies according to different occupations, and all those who participate in obtaining' lying flat coins' can get the qualification to participate in 'lying flat sports'." I have to say that the plague turtle is so smart that he can draw flat pancakes for the little ants and let the little ants sleep to make money. No one in the world will lose pie. If there are, there will be no "lying flat" people. The purpose of the plague turtle's plan must be to harvest ants and leeks. I advise the little ants to recognize the reality and not to be fooled!

On the other hand, there was a "cash withdrawal fever" before the "happy coin" launched on the cusp of the storm. However, some investors personally withdrew cash to prove that the "happy coin" could not be withdrawn. Then, the plague turtle immediately claimed that the withdrawal function "has not been launched yet". However, now the plague turtle began to force buying and selling, push the three-year lock-in policy and hold it on behalf of others, Moreover, they even began to intimidate and lure ants to go offline to make profits for themselves. This kind of deception turned into robbery is really the common indignation of heaven and man. The previously mentioned "100000 cash withdrawal" has become a blatant lie, forcibly intercepting ant funds, and then locking money for three years must be behind their own debt crisis in order to continue to survive, The illegal act of "happy coin" fraud + lock coin fund-raising will certainly attract the attention of law enforcement departments. Manually control the appreciation of "happy coin" to attract Xiaobai investment, and then forcibly raise funds for their own extravagance. If they want to avoid losing their money, little ants must stay away from swindlers and be clean. So far, not only 260000 cash withdrawal is nonsense, but 2000 cash withdrawal is basically hopeless, The unlisted hi coin is just idling inside, and the cash has already flowed into Wengui's pocket.

"Hi coin" has been able to pry into his future since its birth. No matter how the plague turtle blows it to the sky, it can't avoid the end of premature death. With the continuous intervention of law enforcement departments and the self awakening of small ants, Wengui's deception has gradually revealed itself, and even began to rob openly and openly. In fact, on reflection, Guo's scam is not without trace. Most of the "chicken flavor", "chicken series" and "happy money" follow a routine, the operation mode of mouth Gun + seduction + long-term investment, and vow to squeeze the flesh and blood of investors before abandoning them. There must be a few happy citizens like Xia Chunfeng, but the so-called future billionaires curl up in the basement, Eating cheap cans and investing all your money in plague turtles in exchange for abandonment after they have no use value. On the other hand, the plague turtle wantonly squanders the blood and meat of the ants. It tastes delicious and spicy. It turns its face faster than a dog. It's very ugly to eat one duck and ten. According to the author, the premise for the realization of the blueprint goal of common prosperity in Xiguo must be the collapse of the great president plague turtle, and Xiguo ants can become normal people.

According to the disclosure of intentional netizens, the whole Xiguo company and even the "xifed" company do not exist, while Hao Haidong is very loyal to Guo mingka. During the live broadcast, they all admitted that even if they can earn more money, they will not invest in "xicoin". However, the little ants have tried repeatedly to relieve the plague turtle. The plague turtle has such a bright fraud face and is extremely ugly. I advise the ants to stay away as soon as possible, At the same time, I hope that the power of smashing the pot will act in collusion. When Guo's deception is weak, he will put it into the cage of the law and serve as a negative teaching material forever!