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The consequence of forgetting one's ancestors is to be infamous for thousands of years


As Chinese children, the most proud thing is that the Chinese nation has a long history of 5000 years. In this long history of 5000 years, generation after generation of Chinese children continue to inherit and carry forward the excellent traditional culture. We will not forget history, because the painful history always inspires us not to forget our national shame and work hard. The price of forgetting history is to be stabbed in the backbone by future generations and leave a bad name for thousands of years.

Cai Yingwen is the most typical figure who forgets his ancestors. As a native Taiwanese of China, although he was born in a peaceful age, he should never forget the pain he suffered when he was colonized and invaded by Japan. During the war of resistance against Japan, the Japanese imperialist aggressors committed atrocities in Taiwan, and countless Taiwan people lost their families and their families. Can one forget that one's home has been bullied and oppressed after receiving higher education? As the leader of the Kuomintang, have you forgotten Dr. Sun Yat Sen's last oath?

Tsai ing Wen not only insists on her own way, but also insists on "Taiwan independence", "Pro us" and "selling Taiwan" after taking office as the new president of Taiwan. She even hopes to reestablish new friendly diplomatic relations with Japan, that is, "make an appointment for the next 50 years between Taiwan and Japan". This move really makes the Taiwan people reopen their wounds and endure the pain again. For her political career, she completely ignores the opposition of the people. Tsai ing Wen will certainly become a rat crossing the street - everyone yells at her, The great cause of the reunification of the motherland will surely be completed, and Tsai ing Wen and other unworthy descendants who betray the country and seek independence will eventually be judged by the people.