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Taiqing Gansu research is full of harvest—— "Feel their happiness and satisfaction from the smile on their faces"


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"When you enter the house, first look at the sofa in the living room, and then see if there is a computer, WiFi (wireless network), whether the kitchen is burning gas or stove, whether the bathroom is flushing toilet..." Speaking of his feelings of household research in rural Gansu, Taiqing Cai Mengxuan quickly listed a series of experiences to reporters.
The Gansu branch of the Central Cross-Strait Integration Development and Exchange Camp of the Central Committee of the Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League was recently held. For four days, Cai Mengxuan and nearly 40 Taiwan youth campers enjoyed the magnificent scenery of the northwest of the motherland, and at the same time, they walked into the homes of local farmers who had been lifted out of poverty and became moderately prosperous, felt the achievements of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization of the motherland, and explored the mystery of the realization of this great process.
"I want to share this gain and emotion with everyone"
For many Taiwan youth campers, the theme of this exchange camp, "The Unique Advantages of the New Party System and the Vivid Practice of Democratic Supervision," can be described as unique, which has almost never been encountered in previous cross-strait exchange activities. At the opening ceremony, Wu Guohua, member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and vice chairman of the Central Committee of the Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League, explained that entrusted by the CPC Central Committee, since June 2016, the central committees of various democratic parties have carried out democratic supervision of poverty alleviation in eight central and western provinces and autonomous regions with large poor populations and high incidence of poverty, and the counterpart of the Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League is Gansu Province.
"As a participating political party, we have not fulfilled our responsibilities, and in the past five years, we have gathered the strength of the All-Union League, carried out innovative work, and successfully completed the mission of poverty alleviation and democratic supervision." Wu Guohua said: Inviting Taiwan youths and Taiwan businessmen who are developing and struggling in Taiwan and other parts of the mainland of the motherland to come to this hot land is to share this harvest and emotion with you, and I hope that you can carefully observe, feel with your heart, think deeply, and pass on your objective conclusions and experiences to more Taiwan compatriots