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Suggestions/testimonial:Name Skillz App Beta Tester Feedback Apple 6


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This app is entertaining and fun. It provided good introductory information and good visuals. This app is helpful and really helps with name remembrance and the science behind it makes a lot of sense.

I have a few suggestions that would be nice additions. The first one is that an explanation of some of the associations may be beneficial for the harder to understand ones (i.e. James=chains, this I assume is used because they rhyme but an explanation in small print below may be useful). Second would be to give 2-3 options per name for people to choose the association that fits best fits best for the learner (i.e. Mary=bride or a lamb-for Mary had a little lamb etc.). Maybe giving options for the learner to choose the one that makes the most sense to them would help them remember better. The third one is in the meeting people section, instead of just asking if I remember the name maybe having me choose the name from 3-5 options or letting me type in the name would be helpful to give myself a practice quiz.


NeuroSkillz Admin

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Hi Nikki,
Thank you so much for the great and thoughtful suggestions. I especially like the one about giving two to three options per name. I think that would be very useful for everyone.

Sorry for not giving multiple choice on the virtual people. I'm just trying to prepare everyone for the real world! Lol.

I will definitely hope to implement the association options feature in the future.


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I like that too as a future improvement. Maybe there are suggested options, or even a "from the community" where you can see some people have created as alternates, and choose it as your own.

A few I changed:
Jessica, I changed to Jessica Rabbit from the cartoon movie.
Tom, I changed to Tom Tom drums
Rob, I changed to an image of a robber with a mask on.

Richard = rich car, that one doesn't flow for me. But I haven't figured out what to change it to.
Jennifer = janitor is also a hard one for me.
Charles - charcoal. I might switch that out too.

NeuroSkillz Admin

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Good news. We are going to have this feature in two weeks! We used the community to come up with a list of associations when creating the initial association database so we still already have many alternates. :)