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Suffer Now and Live the Rest of your Life as a Champion


This is a great quote from Mohammad Ali the greatest boxer that has ever lived. I guess this is applicable to all the aspects of your life too, has anyone of you familiar with this quote and is currently applying it to motivate themselves to work harder despite hardships? Well if not yet I think you must add this to your quotes and keep it handy by putting it on your phone or small notebook or even just remember it inside your brain, it will help you if you need a dose of motivation.


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I absolutely love and try to apply this quote! There are many similar quotes that I also enjoy, such as the classic high-school sports mantra of "pain is temporary, pride is forever." The appeal for me certainly lies in the highlighting of a definite goal that is always sort of just beyond the horizon, so to speak. That's what convinces me to keep striving. Speaking of boxing quotes, being a bit of an amateur boxer myself, I'm a big fan of the quote: "The more you sweat in the gym, the less you bleed in the ring." I like the importance of preparation highlighted in this quote and I also think this one is pretty applicable to life outside the ring. It also dovetails nicely with Ali's quote too!