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Staying Positive When You Feel Frustrated


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I have been trying to stay more positive even when things happen that I don't like. I tend to get in bad moods when these things happen and let it ruin most of my day.

What do you do to stay positive when you get frustrated?


I have to either let out my frustration in an appropriate space or I have to do a mini meditation and tell myself that the thing that is bothering me isn't going to matter a year from now. That the co worker or customer or even employee at another store is not significant enough to make a large impact in my life.


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I control myself whenever I feel so frustrated. I don't think about the things that made me mad. Instead, I chose to be positive and think of other things. Frustrations lead you nowhere, but positivity leads you everywhere.


I let my frustration out but I don't dwell on negative feelings. When I notice that I start thinking in a negative way, I simply go outside!
When it's great weather outside, I breath in fresh air and it helps me to remember how good life is and that most problems are temporary. Maybe I meet a neighbor or a friend and then completely forget why I was frustrated.
Basically changing my surroundings help me focus on something else, something positive.


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I used to be a gold-medal brooder. Minor frustrations would often lead to full-on, day-long meltdowns. I eventually came to realize that my moods were holding me hostage. I was losing hours, sometimes days, sweating the small stuff. Now, when I feel my frustration getting out of hand, I stop whatever I am doing and take five deep breaths. Focused breathing forces me to pause. It slows my heart rate, relaxes my facial muscles and clears my mind. The best part is, I can do it wherever I am – at my desk, in a long line, in a meeting. For me, the benefits are similar to stretching. Deep breathing loosens my mind and builds resilience over time.