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Start your day with invention

Take control of the morning so you take control of your day. It’s more important than anything. Sleep 30 minutes less if you need to. Give this to yourself.
Are you happy with your life? Are you where you want to be?
If you answered yes, turn the audio off. 

If your answer is no… and you want to grow, Keep listening.
Start every day with at least 5 minutes of powerful energy. 5 minutes of positive energy first thing in the morning can change your entire day. And if you can change your entire day, with consistent positive thoughts, you can change your entire life.
when you wake up, you might wake up with no plan for the day, but always try to find something to do and I believe if u lay your hand on something positive, you will surely be happy you did at the end of that day.


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I do believe in the power of positive thinking and that you can set the tone of your day in the morning. Can you explain more about starting your day with positive energy? Would this mean you take 5 minutes to focus on positive thoughts and what you want for the day? Examples always help me understand and get started!
I would like to hear more as well. What does this positive energy mean to you? What are some ways we can generate the energy we need for the day to move forward awake and fresh?