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Skillcrush (Coding, Front End Developing)


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Review on www.Skillcrush.com - I am taking Front End Developer, Visual Designer, and Wordpress Blueprint (to see if I can learn anything new in WP), and I would recommend these online courses to anyone that wants to dig into coding websites from scratch. I will admit, like anything in life, it takes work and dedication. If you are a beginner at coding, you have to study every day, and I feel an hour hits it on target - no more or more less than that. Once you pay for the course, the materials are at your fingertips for life. There is a degree of interaction with the lessons, meaning, you know right away if you have made a mistake on a project, and you're told in technical terms what is missing/wrong. I've also dug into Code Academy, but I was in the free course, and I believe I would have gotten more out of the studies had I worked from paid classes.