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Review for lg v20


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Hello everyone and thank you developer's for allowing me to beta test your app, NeuroSkillz.

Here's some of the things I noticed right off the bat once installed. This app is very basic in concept and doesn't have any flashing colors, annoying sounds, or fast movements. It's easy to stay focused on the tasks at hand without feeling bombarded. It's a simple name association app, not much to really distract you with. The voices are soothing and in a tone thats neutral for proper pronounciation.

For the app itself, I wasn't overly fond of the mechanisms used for the names. For instance, Mona Lisa for Lisa. I understand that that's not a be all end all to remember that persons name but I think there are better choices since someone could trip up and call this person Mona and not Lisa.

No serious issues present as far as bugs or reports elsewhere. My only complaint would be that I had some lagging and freezing issues. Only once did I have a unresponsive pop-up screen.

Any other feedback you'd like to know, hear, or question, please let me know in this thread. I sincerely appreciate this opportunity and look forward with my continued utilization of NeuroSkillz.


NeuroSkillz Support Julian

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Hi Jilly,

Thanks for your feedback. If the lagging and/or freezing issues persist, please provide us with some detail. Do you know which pop-up screen was unresponsive? Hopefully this will be fixed in the next version but if not, do let us know.


NeuroSkillz Admin

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Thanks again for your feedback and testing of the app before it releases. Enjoy a coffee on me with the small thank you of a Starbucks Gift Card. I sent it directly from Starbucks to your email in your NeuroSkillz Club profile.

Warm regards,