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Relationship Talk: Long Distance


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I noticed there is not much talk about relationships and I would love to hear your thoughts on long distance relationships. Perhaps at one point you were a part of one or still are! If this is your case, I would love to hear your story. I met my boyfriend early this year in the Dominican Republic while I worked as a teacher overseas. We went on a few dates and the week before I left to go back home, he asked me to be his girlfriend. Up to this day, he calls me everyday and we try to find ways to keep our relationship fun until we see each other again. However, every once in while we will run out of things to talk about and every once in a while the distance gets to us.

If you have experienced a similar situation do you have any pointers on how to keep a long distance relationship exciting? What are your thoughts on this?


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I was a part of a long distance relationship through 4 years of college and most of the year after graduation. So I can relate to this 100%! It does get boring sometimes and your talks seem to be about the same stuff every night. I was the one to get worked up about it too, thinking our relationship was failing or something. But, from living with him now, I can tell you that the silence and boring conversations come with a relationship. No matter how good you two are together or how great of friends you are, there will always be silent times and conversations you’ll have time and time again. Although it’s not what you probably want to hear, it’s nothing to be ashamed of! Just know that every relationship has it.

Also, for keeping things fresh and new.. you could always take a night off of the phone call. Not talking everyday gives you new things to talk about the next time you do talk! It’s natural to not have a few conversation every day. You just have to trust your relationship a little more and agree that this could make your relationship stronger:)


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I was briefly in a long-distance relationship. It didn't last, but I chalk that up more to us being young an immature rather than being in something long distance. However, I did have two friends who made it work for three years and now they're married! I think what makes one successful is one that has a solid foundation before the distance comes into play and commit to eventually being in the same place again. Perhaps have a conversation about where you both want this to go, and being on the same page will inspire you both to keep things going!