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Reducing Screen Time


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My husband and I recently made a new rule in our house - no more phones when we eat dinner or hang out just the two of us. We've designated a spot in our house where our phones go. It's like a little cubby that they sit in. Out of sight out of mind. We started doing this when we noticed how mindlessly we began picking up our phones out of habit in the middle of our conversations.

In addition, I've also picked up screen protecting glasses (Izipizi). They're super cute glasses that reduce the blue light from entering into my eyes. As an editor, I'm always in front of a computer. These glasses help reduce the headaches I get from constant exposure to blue light. Try it out if you haven't already!

Does anyone have any other ways they reduce screen time? It's so hard in this day and age, but I find it helps me keep a calmer, quieter brain.


It is very hard to reduce screen time, I almost wonder how anybody ever got by without it! I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately, using e-books rather than physical books. Shame on me! Sometimes it’s just cheaper, faster, and more convenient, unfortunately. But perhaps a trip to the discount book store or the library would be a good way to reduce screen time.

I think a really cool idea, that I would also like to implement in my own life, would be to have a game night once per week where you play board games or card games (depending on what you & your friends/family like). Some of my favorites are Yahtzee, Scattergories, Pictionary, Cards Againts Humanity (or Apples to Apples for the younger folk), etc. No phones required so there’s no reason anyone should have them out!


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Something I have been TRYING to do is to go to bed without my phone. Plug it in out of my reach so that when I’m done, I’m done and I have to either get uncomfortable to grab it again or choose the better option..sleep!


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Good call with the blue light-reducing glasses! I recently found out that exposing your eyes to it can tamper with your circadian rhythm, and thus, your sleep. Of course, it's ideal to cut out screens altogether before bed, but since that's easier said than done, there's actually a way for you to shut off the blue light on your phone during the night.

Here's how it's done:
  1. Open up the Settings app.
  2. Scroll to the Display & Brightness section.
  3. Tap on "Night Shift."
  4. Tap on the "Manually Enable Until Tomorrow" toggle.
  5. Adjust screen temperature.
  6. With no schedule set, Night Shift mode will automatically turn off in the morning.
In terms of generally cutting down on screen time, I've made a real effort to get hooked on other activities I enjoy (in my case, reading.) It's hard, because screens are actually addictive and wire our brains to flit constantly from one source of stimuli to another.

The key is to replace the one (bad) habit with another (healthy) one. What's done the trick for me is selecting a "gateway" book, i.e an easy page turner that I've read 100 times to get me back into the groove. Then, I can move on to reading books that require more focus.

If you're using screens to fill up little moments in your day, try shaking that impulse. Resist the urge to text when you're having lunch with someone. Work on sudokus or crossword puzzles when you have some time to kill. Listen to music or podcasts when you're waiting for your train. It's all about re-accustoming yourself to reduced stimuli. And that probably means you'll feel a little bored at first, but it's worth it!

Hope that helps!!


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My husband and I have a similar, unspoken rule! I also grew up like that though. We weren't allowed to watch TV during dinner, and when I go visit my parents (they live nearby), I tend to leave my phone on the counter and refuse to interrupt my time with them to go look at it. I do that with most people, try to prioritize face to face interactions over phone use. Something that helps me is to leave it on silent or vibrate all day. If I need to be available by phone, I will obviously be paying attention or leave the volume on. Otherwise, it stays in my bag, or somewhere that it requires effort to look at it, and I'll check it every now and then. I've heard it's not good for phones to even be on your person all the time so I try not to keep it in my pocket or my hand. My husband and I don't have a cubby for our phones, but we don't get on them during dinner or when we are just hanging out together. Sometimes we find ourselves falling into the bad habits again though, so I kind of like the cubby idea!


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I love that so much! Leaving the phone on the counter and refusing to look at it makes you so much more present in life. It's also respectful to whoever you're visiting or whoever's visiting you! I have a friend who's constantly looking at her phone while we're out to eat at dinner and it stresses me out. It makes me feel like she doesn't value the time we have together as much. I think beyond health for yourself, abstaining from phone time during visits/dinner also fosters healthier relationships with your friends and family!