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Read (or listen) at least 30 minutes every day


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“Hear or read something challenging, something inspirational, at least 30 minutes a day, every day. You can get along without some meals, but you can’t get along without some ideas, examples, and inspiration.” - Jim Rohn

This Jim Rohn quote works for me on many levels.

1) Reading (or listening to) something inspiring every day is a great habit. It can give you useful ideas and things to think about that can improve your life and expand your horizons.

2) Reading is good for the brain. The act of putting together what you’re reading at the moment with what you have read a few minutes ago creates associations in the brain. The more neural connections a brain has, the better its function. Reading does for the brain does what exercise does for the body—it strengthens existing function and, over time, makes you even stronger (and smarter)!

3) Reading exposes you to ways of thinking that you might not have encountered otherwise. There have been many smart and creative people in the history of humankind. Reading can let you “hear” from these people, even if they lived long ago in places far away.

4) Reading is a great way to relax before bedtime. I find that if I am looking at screens just before bedtime, whether it be my phone or my computer, I cannot easily fall asleep. But reading before bedtime relaxes me and helps me sleep right away. (By the way, if you prefer reading on a device rather than a physical book, invest in a black-and-white e-reader. Their lack of backlighting means that these devices don’t produce the wakefulness that other screens do).

I agree with you 100%. We eat, sleep, and exercise to take care of our bodies (hopefully). Reading or listening to something informative should be done every day (or almost every day) to take care of the brain. I'm a fan of Jim Rohn. I try to watch/listen to something motivational when I get up, and to read several different types of books (how-to, biographies, classics, etc.) throughout the day. On days when I don't have much time to read, I'll try to read in 15 - 20 minute intervals throughout the day. Making an extra 15 minutes to read in the morning, after lunch, and before bed adds up to 45 minutes of reading a day. And doing 20 minutes three times a day adds up to an hour. For people who have a lot of trouble getting in more time to read, reading in short intervals is a great solution.