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"Power of Habit"/Basal Ganglia


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I read "The Power of Habit" and think that the science behind it is worth considering for people interested in this topic. It explains that habits such as exercise and dieting get easier with time when they are done as a consistent routine due to the nature of brain wiring, so eventually one might, for example, find themselves feeling as if they are just drifting through their workouts rather than forcing themselves to and through them. It's science-based rather than just a "you can do it!" kind of book and possibly worth checking out.


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That sounds very interesting, and it makes perfect sense too. Even in the physics world, inertia is a property of matter that says that things that are in motion like to stay in motion. Once there is a pattern that's formed it's easier to follow, that's for sure. And if you wanna read a little more about how to get the pattern started, you should check out my post about discipline and focus. :)

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Creating a productive Morning Routine was one of the most crucial Habits I integrated into my life. I even made a Video about it:
Check it out if you want to:


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I have been told that once you do something for 21days then it becomes a habit. I have to read this book because I am a creature of habit, but I find it hard developing NEW habits. I prefer to continue doing the same thing, but I want to experience more out of life. Any idea where this book can be found?