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Podcasts for Self Improvement

Hey all! I've found that podcasts have helped me a ton to reach my goals of self-improvement. My favorites are Happier by Gretchen Rubin and Kayln's Coffee Talk by Kayln Nicholson. These two in particular have really made me a happier and more motivated individual and I am so grateful for them. I was wondering what some of your favorite podcasts are for self-improvement.


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Thank you for sharing those suggestions. I have had many “aha!” moments listening to the podcast “On Being” with Krista Tippet. Krista Tippet always interviews others in her podcasts. Some of her podcasts delve into expert advice about different self-help ideologies, while other interviews tell stories with powerful anecdotes. I actually love the story-telling aspect of her interviews woven into all her podcasts, as I think story-telling is a powerful and moving way to motivate and inspire change in ourselves and others. If you download her app you will find a myriad of these motivational interviews to choose from. I have yet to stumble across one that wasn’t helpful.


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I’ve been listening to “stacks in the city” and “the think Grow chick” for financial self help. These podcast have really changed how I look at money.