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Plasmolifting PRP Tubes


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Plasmolifting PRP Tubes
Plasmolifting has been used in cosmetology only recently. Previously, it was considered an exclusively medical procedure, which was resorted to in the treatment of gynecological, dental, orthopedic, urological diseases, as well as rehabilitation of patients after maxillofacial injuries and operations.
Our website offers, among other things, the so-called PRP-Tubes for the production of platelet-rich plasma (PRP).
The procedure provides:
improvement of complexion and skin condition in general;
reducing the depth of wrinkles up to their complete smoothing in the case of facial wrinkles;
elimination or reduction of the severity of pigment spots of different nature;
active nutrition and skin hydration;
increased skin tone, which improves the oval of the face, i.e. lifting effect;
elimination of acne and signs of rosacea;
reducing the severity of scars, including post-acne.
The effect after the procedure does not appear immediately. The first positive changes can be noticed on average 2-3 days after its implementation, but the final result is evaluated no earlier than at the end of the second week.
As a rule, in order to obtain a stable result, it is required to undergo a course of procedures consisting of 2-6 sessions. Their number depends on the initial condition of the skin and the severity of the existing problem. The procedures are carried out at intervals of several weeks, although in mild cases it can increase up to 2-3 months. After completing the course of plasmolifting of the face and neck, the achieved result is maintained for up to a year.