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Pets Can Contribute to Self-Help (w/ Pic)


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Obviously, I'm a fan of Akitas and own one myself. If you didn't know, a pet such as a dog could fantastically contribute to your self-help journey. For me, I was skeptical of owning an animal and the responsibilities attached to it. However, after a few years of doing so, I'm happy to report nothing but the best in terms of how ownership has helped me improve as a person. It's given me real-world challenges relating to responsibility and forced me to improve myself for the sake of another life.

If you are companionless, I'd suggest looking into getting a pet. Like I said, at first I had a lot of trepidation, but I pulled through it and am now blessed with a lovable furry friend. Developing oneself can be difficult. Perhaps a pet could act as a catalyst for you as it did me.

Obligatory picture:



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Love this and your pup! Having a dog really enriched my experiences growing up—keeps you active, teaches you responsibility, and gives the fam a bud. Having a dog has also really helped my family members with emotional regulation.


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Owning a pet is definitely a good way to improve self-help methods. When one owns a pet, one feels responsible for that pet's happiness, and in a way, that can really improve one's self-worth. Additionally, owning a pet can reduce loneliness, both because a pet provides companionship and, depending on the pet, can improve one's social life. For example, if a person owns a dog, he or she can take that dog on walks and/or go to a dog park. This allows for social interaction, as one is likely to meet people with similar interests at a dog park or just meet friendly people in general.


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Definitely! When I’m striggling with mental health and want to hide away, I can’t. I have to take my dog out. And I can’t be too down when she’s always so happy and playful. It’s not the same as human companionship of course. But it’s a nice way to stay grounded in the moment. My dog doesn’t think about the past or future, just the present. She’s a hero of mindfulness.


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I -wish- this was the case for me right now! Haha! I have an new 11 week older boarder collie/Australian Shepard mix puppy. She's a blast, but boy is she a lot of work too! I like to say that I'm a glutton for punishment with a mix of those two breeds.

As much of a headache that she is, having her in my life makes everything interesting. I love watching her experience the world for the first time. Dogs keep things light...it brings a happiness to the every day grind.