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Performance of poultry poisoning caused by excessive heavy metals


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The heavy metal elements polluting animal-derived feed products mainly include lead, arsenic, cadmium, chromium and mercury. Bone meal and meat and bone meal may often contain a large amount of lead, arsenic, cadmium and other elements; feather meal and leather protein meal may contain a large amount of lead and arsenic, in addition, leather protein meal often contains a high amount of chromium; fish meal and other aquatic products In addition to a large amount of lead, arsenic, cadmium and chromium, the organism may also contain a large amount of mercury.

1 Fluorine

Bone meal, meat and bone meal and other animal-derived feed products may contain a large amount of fluorine to varying degrees due to different origins and raw materials. Animals raised in natural fluorine-rich areas and industrial fluorine-contaminated areas can accumulate a large amount of fluorine in their bones. Products made from such animal raw materials must contain high fluorine content. Long-term and large-scale use of such products can cause chronic chronic diseases in livestock and poultry. Fluorosis.

2 nitrite

According to foreign reports, sodium nitrite has been used as a preservative in the production of fishmeal. If the amount is too large, it can lead to nitrous acid poisoning in feeding animals, which may be transformed into dimethylnitrosamine, a carcinogen. Ji Zhenyang (2005), He Jin (2006) and other relevant experts reported that when toxic elements exceed the standard, there are the following toxic manifestations.

3 Chrome

① Combines with nucleic acid and nucleoprotein in animals, affecting the phosphorus content in tissues; ② Reduces the activity of amylase and prevents cysteinase oxidation; ③ Impairs the function of red blood cells to carry oxygen, causing lung cancer, especially lysis Chromium compounds, which are acid insoluble in water, are more dangerous. See the chicken feed machine you you can be used,

4 Cadmium

①Reduce the weight gain and feed conversion rate of broilers; ②Cause anemia in pigs, cause sheep anemia and renal dysfunction; ③Cause sperm inactivation in male animals; , Humoral immunity has inhibitory effect, reducing animal immunity.

5 Arsenic

①Combined with the sulfur group of pyruvate oxidase, making the enzyme inactive, affecting the normal metabolism of cells, leading to cell death; ②Harming nerve cells, causing polyneuritis and central neurasthenia, paralyzing capillaries, and causing tissue nutritional disorders; ③ The International Agency for Research on Cancer announced that arsenic is a carcinogenic factor; ④ acute arsenic poisoning can make animals die in a short time;

6 lead

①In the early stage, the excitation and inhibition process of the cerebral cortex can be mildly disturbed, and in the later stage, serious disorder occurs, causing the dysfunction of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems; ②Interfering with hemoglobin synthesis; ③Causing intestinal paroxysmal spasm or paralysis; ④Causing interstitial nephritis , Kidney atrophy, reducing animal immunity; ⑤ It can enter the lactating young animals through milk, causing harmful effects; ⑥ It can enter the fetus through the placenta and endanger the fetus.

7 Fluorine

①Causes the reduction of egg production of poultry, the fertilization rate and hatching rate of breeding eggs; ②Causes the decline of immunity of farmed animals; Inhibits the activity of oxidase and dehydrogenase, affects metabolism, and causes animal weight loss and anemia; ③Causes bone nutrition Bad, skeletal fluorosis, joint stiffness, tooth coloring, enamel damage; ④ cause cardiovascular disease, gastric cancer, lung cancer, and even death.

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