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Name Skillz IPhone 6+ Review


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Software Version:
IOS 11.9.1 (IPhone 6+)

I thoroughly enjoyed the “Name Skillz” app. I love the concept. I believe it to be a unique idea that should teach some great habits. As a person who forgets things easily, this is great for me.

Features I enjoyed Most:
  • I liked how you could edit the flash cards with your own description.
  • The options of other pre-made descriptions was a nice touch as well.
  • The narration was pleasant and (unlike a lot of other apps out there) didn’t put me to sleep.
  • I enjoyed the cartoony style. It was straight forward and easy to read (on both a design point and literally).

  • I ran into one thing that didn’t really work well for me. When I went to edit the flash cards and put my own photo up, the pictures ended up a bit blurry. I tried the option of choosing one from my library for one. The other I tried taking a photo. The photo I took turned out fine when uploaded. The one I chose from my library did not. It was a tad fuzzy.

Closing Comments:
  • Overall, I had a great experience with this app. I would definitely use it again. It is fun and really teaches me a skill I didn’t know I needed until now. Thanks for letting me try this out.

-Kayla R
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Hey Julian,
Unfortunately I didn’t get any screenshots or anything from my first play through with it. I was trying to recreate it today though and another bug happened. When I tried to edit the flash card in any way it wouldn’t kick me out of the app.


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I have a video I took of the glitch but it keeps saying it is the wrong format for here or is “too large”. Can I either send it to your email or just let me in know what format to use? The video is a .mp4

Let me know if this Dropbox link works:
Glitch Video
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NeuroSkillz Support Julian

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The video worked - thanks. Somebody else has also reported this problem, so hopefully it'll be fixed by the next version. Please do check after the next update and keep us informed.


NeuroSkillz Admin

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Thanks again for your feedback and testing of the app before it releases. Enjoy a coffee on me with the small thank you of a Starbucks Gift Card. I sent it directly from Starbucks to your email in your NeuroSkillz Club profile.

Warm regards,