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Name Skillz App my personal Feedback for Beta Testers Device: LG-D855


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Phone Model:
  • LG, LG-D855, google_android, Android Version 5.0, Smartphone OS Version 21.
Message Body
  • Software Version: V21a-AME-XX
  • Bug info: Used practice and then click the 1st box. "James" I tried to edit the picture box associated on the name Then the app force shut down. Tried the 2nd time again. App force shut down again. Tried the 2nd box. "Rob" edited the picture box. App force shut down again. Tried to edit a random box. App force shut down again. Never tried to edit them because of this issue. but still just tried and memorize it on defaults pictures box.
  • Other Comments/Testimonial : Very cool and unique app. Very helpful app and 1st it was hard until later on as I practice it just makes me enjoy on identifying names comparing them to objects. Good app. Very short presentation and we need more contents. Great Job. 8/10
Email: vipzflinch@gmail.com

NeuroSkillz Support Julian

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Hi warkingler,

Thank you for your feedback and especially for reporting this bug. And thanks also bobotron for letting us know that you also experience the same problem. We'll work to fix it ASAP, so please let us know if the problem persists or is fixed in the next version.


NeuroSkillz Admin

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Thanks again for your feedback and testing of the app before it releases. Enjoy a coffee on me with the small thank you of a Starbucks Gift Card. I sent it directly from Starbucks to your email in your NeuroSkillz Club profile.

Warm regards,